Massage Menu Demystified: Your Playful Guide to Massage Styles

Why is picking the perfect massage treatment akin to deciphering hieroglyphics in the dark? Because you need a massage dictionary to decode the myriad styles and services offered by spas. Welcome to your light-hearted yet informative guide to deciphering the world of massage styles.

**Swedish Massage**: This one's the Macarena of massages – you've probably heard of it. It's the classic, oil-based massage with long, flowing strokes. The pressure here is about as subjective as your favorite pizza topping; it can be gentle and soothing or pack a deep-tissue punch. You'll often spot Swedish Relaxation Massage and Swedish Deep Tissue Massage on the menu.

**Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy**: Picture this – a  Swedish oil-based massage where the therapist trades their hands for feet! They dance around on your muscles with graceful strokes, thanks to an overhead bar system for balance. It's like a symphony of deep pressure, making it the heavyweight champion of deep tissue massages.

**Ashi/Thai**: Think Thai massage, but with a twist – it's performed using the therapist's feet. You'll find yourself on the table, experiencing stretching and compression, all with the aid of an overhead bar system.

**Sarga Bodywork**: This one's like the MacGyver of massages. It combines Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy and Rolfing, but instead of bars, they use a yoga silk for balance.

**Rolfing or Structural Integration**: Imagine an osteopathic magician who can help with your joint mobility, but there's no oil involved, and it's got a 10-session protocol. Perfect for those battling structural issues.

**Advanced Myofascial Massage**: It's like massage school on steroids. Therapists learn to tackle structural imbalances, using no oil or just a smidge of oil. The focus? Unsticking those stubborn joints, fasica and nurturing tendons/ligaments.

**Lomi Lomi Massage**: Get your Hawaiian groove on with this one. The therapist uses their forearms to perform elegant, flowing strokes that'll make you feel like you're riding the waves.

**Thai Massage**: Ever wanted to do yoga but couldn't be bothered? Thai Massage is your lazy ticket. Done fully clothed and traditionally on the floor, it's a blend of passive and active stretching, with a side of compression.

**Shiatsu**: It's like the international buffet of massages – Chinese and Japanese flavors. You can have it on a table or on the floor, fully clothed. The focus? Those mysterious Sen lines of Chinese medicine.

**Fijian Massage**: Think of it as yoga's chill cousin. Performed on the floor with your clothes on, it's all about stretching and compression to help you unwind.

**Reiki/Pranic Healing**: These are like the magic tricks of massages. They're all about energy work with a touch of, well, almost no touch.

**Craniosacral Therapy**: Less is more here. They use a feather-light touch, about 5 grams of pressure, to tap into your cerebral spinal fluid rhythm and help your nervous system find its Zen.

**Therapeutic Massage**: This is the "serious" cousin of spa-style massages. We prefer calling it "therapeutic" because all massages have a bit of magic in them. And yes, they'll adjust the pressure just for you.

So, there you have it, your crash course in massage styles. The next time you're at the spa, you'll be ordering your massage with confidence, no dictionary required! And while you're choosing a massage with Sole Massage Therapy rest assured if you want a relaxation, deep tissue massage or sports massage done with the hands and forearms then book a therapeutic massage session. If you want a deep tissue massage book an Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy and lastly if you want stretching done book an Ashi/Thai massage. See you on the table sooner than later! 😉

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