Continuing Education in Massage: Online vs. In Person

Massage therapy is continuously evolving and gaining recognition for its role in managing chronic pain, reducing stress, and providing human connection through touch. As you embark on your journey in massage therapy, prioritizing continuing education is essential. With numerous companies and pathways available, choosing the right one can be daunting. If you've discovered the world of barefoot massage, DeepFeet Bar Therapy stands as the ultimate choice for learning. We are the pioneers in Western barefoot massage, founded by Ruthie Piper Hardee in 1995. Ruthie introduced an oil-based massage technique using her feet while employing an overhead bar system for balance and support. Since then, thousands of students and instructors have benefited from her teachings.

In 2017, Nancy DeLong and Pilar Hook led DeepFeet Bar Therapy into the 21st century, fostering innovation within our community. We now offer both online and in-person learning options, embracing the digital age while maintaining our commitment to quality education.

Choosing between online and in-person learning is a significant decision. Consider your learning style, budget, travel distance, willingness to practice, and the investment in bar installation or portable bar setups.

If you opt for in-person training at our Livermore, CA location, rest assured that accessibility won't be an issue. We have three nearby airports: San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, each with its advantages. While renting a car is convenient, local options may be more budget-friendly.

For accommodation, Purple Orchid, our training venue, offers a cozy resort experience. Alternatively, Hawthorne Inn and Suites and Best Western are nearby, providing various amenities to suit your preferences.

Our in-person courses span 2-3 days, covering body mechanics, bar construction, contraindications, marketing, and session management. Advanced courses build upon these fundamentals, along with refining your palpation skills.

In-person learning offers a unique experience, allowing you to feel the work and receive expert guidance. However, it requires patience and preparation, especially regarding bar installation and practice sessions.

Online learning is a flexible alternative, ideal for those with the necessary setup, motivation, and time management skills. We provide live weekly Zoom meetings for real-time feedback, enhancing your learning experience.

Ultimately, the choice between online and in-person learning hinges on your learning style, commitment, and schedule. Your dedication will determine your success in mastering DeepFeet Bar Therapy. We encourage you to reflect on these factors and make the best choice for your journey.

DeepFeet Bar Therapy Training Schedule

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